Renz AP360 Autopunch

Price on request
Year: 2007
Availability: Immediately
Max sheet width: 360
Condition: Very Good

We are pleased to offer:
Renz AP 360 Automatic Punch- Auto Punch. Year: 2007. Serial Number: 363602200 22212

Equipped with calendar punch and R10 3834 split punch and R16 5025 punch
Model: AP360V4

Technical Details:
Fully automatic format adjustment
Dimensions: Length, width, height 200x75x155 cm 200x75x155
Weight 690 kg
Adjustment by hand wheels (ca. 5-10 min) per touch screen (ca. 2-3 min)
Punching thickness max. 3,5 mm max.
Loading 2 lifting tables, ca. 400 mm max. loading height lift (paternoster) – continious running
Punching speed 40 – 100 strokes per minute
Min. sheet size 100 x 85 mm 100 x 85 mm
Max. sheet size 360 x 360 mm 360 x 360 mm
Paper thickness 60 to 400 g/m² 60 to 400 g/m²
Connection 220/240 V, 50Hz or 60 Hz, 2 kW

Mould Sizes: (also photos attached)
3-1 pitch square holes- 4mm-square
3-1 pitch round holes-4mm diameter
2-1 pitch round holes- 6mm diameter holes

The two finger pick up system means sheets are picked up gently and there is an option of an air blower to aid the pick up. Once punched, sheets are rotated to maintain the correct order they were fed in.
Automatic punch with fully automatic or manual format adjustment for all types of punching and operations in loose leaf binding systems and special punching operations

Continuous paper feed automatically separates the sheets, punches, and reassembles the book in the original sequence.
No tools are needed to set the format.
Very fast changing of punching dies.

Large selection of punching dies for example for wire comb, plastic comb and spiral binding. High flexibility in fast changing the format with QSA-dies. [Quick Size Adjustment]


Very Good Condition. Full and Complete. Located UK. Available Immediately.