Postpress / Bindery / Packing
Price on request
Year: 1991
Max sheet length: 840
Max sheet width: 1260
Condition: Good

We are pleased to offer:

Total Number of Impressions / Hours: 38,037hrs
Max Speed Rating (Sheets / Hr) 5,000
Sheet size / Print size (Max / Min) 1260 x 840mm max, 500 x 350mm min
Platen Force Generated – Tonne 500 tonnes
Substrate types (Paper / Board / Corrugate) Board
Substrate handling devices and type:
Non-Stop Feeder / Delivery: Yes, but no nonstop swords available
Pile Height (With / Without Non-stop) - Feeder
Pile Height (With / Without Non-stop) - Delivery
Sheet slow-down device Yes
Anti-static system Yes
Honeycomb plates 3 honeycombs, 6 plates
Number of foil Spindle sets in machine 3
Foil streams (Max Number) 6
Foil reel size (Diameter Min / Max ) 30mm / 215mm
Foil reel width (Width Min / Max ) 50mm min / 1260mm max
Foil Waste removal system & type Hunkler baler
Control Console
Honeycomb transporter
3 honeycombs in total
6 plates
Foil spindle devices 13
Lifting devices Crane

Estimated Overall Weight (Tonne) 22 tons
Length (m) 9
Width (m) 6
Height (m) 2.8
Total Power Consumption (Volt/Phase/Amps) 440/3/56 (75A switched supply)
In production
Good condition
Inspection Welcome
Full and Complete