Rilecart FP-340

Postpress / Bindery / Packing
Price on request
Max sheet length: 148
Max sheet width: 210

We are pleased to offer:

Rilecart FP-340 Wire Bind


Uses WireBind Rilematic® Wires in cut-length
For all diameters in the pitches 3:1" and 2:1".
Maximum binding length: 340 mm. (14").
Maximum punching thickness 2 mm.
Interchangeable punching bars.
Patented slot for facilitating the sheet's insertion in the wire.
Power supply: 220 V single phase

This machine comes with a Punching bar 3 .1 Round hole machine,
The handle is broken.
Size: 500 x 500 x 280 mm
Weight: 45 kg

It is very easy to bind a document with the Fp 340. First You have to punch the block of sheets acting on the hand (or foot)-switch. Second You have to put the spiral in the sheets: to do this You can help yourself by inserting the spiral in the suitable groove. Third, you just have to close the wire by the cranck. In case you're making calendars also the hanger must be put manually.